The power of one, a culture for many

Man hugging child while woman looks on smiling.

Our story began in 2008, when a group of entrepreneurial physicians formed the Spectrum Health Medical Group with a shared vision: clinical excellence, collaboration and, at the heart, putting patients first. Today, we are transforming health care as we:

  • Provide outstanding outcomes for all, in part by keeping more people healthy and well
  • Make care and coverage more accessible, affordable, equitable and exceptional
  • Improve access to mental and behavioral health services and resources
  • Foster a culture of belonging, with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, clinician and team member well-being and workplace safety
  • Make the experience of health care simpler—simpler for those providing care, and simpler for those receiving care

We are physician-led and patient-centered, and strive to foster an environment that:

  • Empowers you in your calling
  • Removes obstacles to the pursuit of excellence
  • Respects you as the voice of our patient
  • Drives and embraces innovation
  • Enables coordinated care across our communities
  • Builds a culture of trust and transparency
  • Promotes a unified team experience
  • Attracts and retains the highest caliber talent
Three men and one woman standing side by side smiling for photograph at a public venue.

Supporting our own health and wellness

Health matters, and we recognize the many sacrifices involved in delivering exceptional care day after day. That’s why we are committed to providers and their mental health, and the professional growth of each other. 

Wellness programs, listening tours, professional development opportunities and a focus on streamlining administrative responsibilities are aimed at enabling our physicians to find joy, fulfilment and time for themselves, their patients, and their own families and loved ones.

Together, we’re better

United, as a team of experts, in the excellent care of each other and every patient.

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