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For life-threatening emergencies, always call 911 or go to the emergency department.

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Symptoms guide

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Virtual urgent care ($)

Be seen quickly.

Open 24/7/365 for ages 3 or older if located in Michigan and 18+ from anywhere else in the United States. It is a hassle-free way to get care quickly. No need to find a ride or a babysitter, you can see an urgent care provider through a video visit from home (you will need a camera on your phone). You can expect the same quality of service you’d receive when visiting us at a medical facility.

No more than $50 and no cost for most Medicaid plans. Check your plan for your specific coverage.

Tytocare exam kit adds even more symptoms

In addition to the conditions listed in the symptoms guide, Virtual Urgent Care can also see symptoms for inner ear and/or ear infections and wheezing or shortness of breath if you are using a TytoCare Exam Kit during your video visit. ​

With a TytoCare Exam Kit, providers can check temperature; check heart rate; listen for abnormalities in lungs, abdomen and heart, assess breathing, look down throat and close–up to skin; and investigating ear canal. ​

Walk-in / urgent care ($$ - $$$$)

Walk-in clinics at Meijer ($$)
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Retail locations are available inside Hudsonville and Wyoming Meijer stores.

Open 7 days a week. Monday - Friday 9 am - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm, Holiday Hours 10am-4pm, Closed Christmas Day/December 25.

At these two retail locations, we cannot see these conditions/symptoms from broken bones, cuts/wounds, dizziness, and vomiting.

Retail locations
Walk-in / urgent care in West Michigan ($$ ​- $$$$)
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Urgent Care locations are open daily from 8 am to 8 pm (some are open holidays) and offer imaging and laboratory within the same building.

We also offer several walk-in clinics that are part of primary care practices and open to serve the community. While they offer most services seen at an Urgent Care, they do not have imaging and laboratory available.

Not sure where to go?

Orthopedic urgent care ($$$$)
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Convenient, immediate care for sprains, strains, fractures and other injuries. We have on-site imaging, and physical and occupational therapy.​

Monday to Friday: 8 am - 8 pm
Saturdays: 9 am - 3 pm​

Primary care provider ($$$)

24/7 patient support to help with scheduling appointments. Can also assist with same day or next day appointments.

Additional information

You and your family have unique health and lifestyle needs. Finding the right primary care provider can make all the difference in meeting those needs. After all, it’s the provider you see first for nearly everything, who knows your health history and connects all the dots.​

Looking for a primary care provider? Choose from 6+ primary care options that offer virtual and in-person appointments, free interpreting services, and 24/7 scheduling and nurse support to help determine where to seek care based on your symptoms. ​

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