Spectrum Health Laboratories

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Your best health starts with knowledge

Your best approach to care begins with specific knowledge about you. At Spectrum Health, our labs are designed to ensure you get the answers for your best health as smoothly, conveniently and quickly as possible.

We provide outpatient lab services at 40 easy-access locations across 13 West Michigan counties. We don’t require an appointment at any of our locations. However, we do require you to register prior to a blood draw or if you are dropping off a sample. Routine results are communicated to your health care provider within 24 to 48 hours and available on MyChart, Spectrum Health’s patient portal. Critical test results are communicated directly to your physician or specialist. 

Spectrum Health labs provide knowledge to more than 800 physician offices as well as numerous hospitals, clinics, home care providers, insurers and long-term care facilities. Each year, we perform more than six million diagnostic tests – from routine blood draws to highly complex analyses at the genomic level. 

Our clinical team includes more than 600 staff members, including board-certified pathologists, PhD scientists, certified clinical laboratory scientists, technologists, and molecular specialists.

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We know that timely service and convenience is important, that’s why we provide outpatient services at over 40 easy-access locations across 13 West Michigan counties. We don’t require an appointment at any of our outpatient locations, just stop in and register at the front desk to have your blood drawn or drop off a specimen.

Busy time by hour

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This chart represents an average of all 40 of our easy-access locations across 13 West Michigan counties. Actual busy times may vary at individual locations.

Advanced Technology Laboratories

The Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL) houses three labs under one roof at Spectrum Health – molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, and cytogenetics. Our PhD scientists and highly skilled lab technologists are trained to perform advanced laboratory testing and procedures, which play a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.