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Corewell Health, the new name for Spectrum Health, knows one size primary care does not fit all. We offer 6+ primary care options to fit You and your family's unique health and lifestyle needs. Explore your options to find what works for who you are.

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No matter who you choose, all of our primary care providers:

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How do you choose a provider? That may depend on your age, family needs, your general health status and insurance coverage. Consider what’s important to you like, location and convenience, your health goals and lifestyle, and provider gender, languages spoken or additional expertise.

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You can change your primary care provider anytime

Many of our primary care providers are accepting new patients, and our options are growing. Be sure to check back for availability if your preferred option is not accepting new patients at this time.

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Your health insurance company may select a primary care provider for you when you set up your coverage. If you change your provider, you’ll want to make sure your provider is in-network and accepted by your insurance plan. It’s also a good time to check with your insurance to understand your coverage for preventive care, wellness visits, lab orders and routine screenings.

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Preventive care can lower overall health care costs

Even if you’re generally healthy, it’s important to connect with your provider every year. Your provider will review your medical history and check your weight, blood pressure and more. It’s also a great time to talk about your mental health, lifestyle and any wellness goals. Your provider may also do a physical exam, order lab work, or recommend immunizations and routine screenings.

Preventive visits and screenings can help you manage your health goals, keep you healthy and catch developing issues early. The earlier an issue is caught, the faster your provider can act on a treatment plan, which may reduce your health care costs in the long run.

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